FrontDesk LayOffs Entire Staff in 2 Min Google Call


In what could be said as a horrible start  to 2024  for the startup Industry space  5 year old  online rental flat rent desk  has laid of its entire workforce . What is more horrible is the way this event has been handled .People  will be surprise to know  that  in a brief 2 minutes Google meet call  entire staff was laid off which included full time part time contractors  all without job . This Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based proptech startup  is now on   verge of  total shut down  after any  successful attempt of raising additional fund  additional rounds or any Bridge rounds

Frontdesk  was founded in 2017  and quickly Rose as a prominent player in the proptech industry  which headed expertise in managing furnished apartments across United States  the company was able to raise funds from leading investors like Jetblue  SandHill  Vertias  and quickly  raised around 30 million.

FrontDesk  downword journey started around 8 months back when it acquired  it’s smaller rival ZENCITY  .The acquisitions did not give expected results with many questioning the need for such acquisition in such tight funding market and lack of operational efficiency .

Ongoing winter funding for the past 12 months has led to  Capital crunch in most of the startups and frontdesk has also faced challenges in raising any additional rounds of funding or any Bridge round attempts to secure fresh funding prude and successful  that’s the founders have to take the dust if step of laying of the entire work force

2 Minute Google Meet Call and LaidOff : 

Massive critiscm for CEO Jesse DePinto  is from the fact that all employees were Laid Off  during a two-minute Google Meet call. This lack of appreciation for workers cold shoulders and abrupt behaviour without any prior intimation  or transparency raises serious question on management behaviour .2 Months Back startup had posted chief of staff Post on Linkedin and sudden layoffs suggest lack of internal transparency and decision making .To conclude this serves as stark reminder of current challenges in the the startup space and heavily funded tech companies . A humane touch in layoffs can go in long way in helping ex employees mental health .


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