Intel Launches Articul8 AI: Generative AI


Image Source Credit :Articul8

Intel recently Launced Articul8 AI which is Pioneering Enterprise Generative AI

In a groundbreaking move global chip Intel has started new venture by launching Articul8 AI, a Tech Company specialising in generative AI for enterprise and Enterprise Application.

This is an strategic initiative and Intel has been silently working on the same from past 2 Years . This is also a giant leap from existing Industry in which Intel operates and with loosing ground to its competitors this looks like a master move . This launch confirms a significant step forward company’s commitment to advancing artificial intelligence technologies for enterprise . This company comes as a spinout, primarily comprising former Intel employees external funding and Intel maintaining an undisclosed stake in the newly formed entity.

Key Points on Articul8 AI:

  1. Origin and Collaboration:
  • In hectic 2023 AI Year Articul8 AI started with proof-of-concept developed through Intel’s collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) . BCG was closely working with Intel for its AI domain.
  • Intel’s deep AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC) industry knowledge, coupled with huge talent resource to build and scale a new entity paved way for new entity

Investor Support:

  1. Articul8 AI has key investor support from Mindset Ventures, Fin Capital, GiantLeap Capital, Communitas Capital, Zain Group, and GS Future to name a few . This funding is indicative of the potential recognized in the generative AI space by a player like Intel and its core team
  • Main investor is DigitalBridge, Articul8’s investor lineup includes Fin Capital, Mindset Ventures, Communitas Capital, GiantLeap Capital, GS Futures, and Zain Group which all have diverse set of portfolio company .
  1. Leadership Transition:
  • Arun Subramaniyan who was GM of Intel’s Data Center and recently started AI Group, assumes the role of CEO for Articul8 AI. His leadership and experience within Intel and the confidence of leadership team at INTEL , position him well to steer the company towards success.
  • Generative AI Offerings:
  1. Articul8 AI is set to offer a diverse yet secure, full-stack generative AI platform tailored for enterprise customers only . This platform will include AI training and inference with the flexibility to deploy on-premises strategy in the cloud .
  • The sectors targeted are telecommunications, financial services, semiconductor products, and aerospace.

Independence with Intel Stake:

Articul8 AI will work independently while maintaining Intel as a stakeholder. This strategic decision ensures a continued synergy between Intel and Articul8, fostering collaboration and mutual growth in the highly changing landscape of AI

In official statement, Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, shared his optimism about the collaboration, stating, “As Intel accelerates AI everywhere, we look forward to our continued collaboration with Articul8.” With this new partnership has broader commitment to advancing AI technologies, and Articul8 AI is well in its reach to be a key player in the enterprise generative AI landscape. The spinoff aligns with Intel’s strategic vision to drive innovation and create meaningful impacts in the realm of artificial intelligence.


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