Google’s Layoffs in Hardware and Engineering Teams Across Globe


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Google has today announced significant layoffs impacting 1000’s of employee and impacting several divisions within the company . This round of layoffs which comes after 12000 layoffs last year impacts augmented reality (AR) hardware team Digital Asst team hardware, and engineering teams. This move is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to streamline operations efficiency , rebalance the pandemic overhiring and allocate resources more efficiently across team . The restructuring includes involves layoffs and also restructuring organisational layout with more controlled version rather than independent teams .

Major Layoff in 1P AR Hardware Team

  • Google is eliminating a few hundred roles in The DSPA Division which is populary known as in the Digital Services and Platforms (DSPA) division .Despite this massive layoffs , Google emphasizes its continued commitment to some old and fresh new AR initiatives .

Leadership Changes and Departures

  • Fitbit co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman and many other top known names in the industry will be leaving google .The layoffs imapcts AR hardware team, ecentral engineering organization and high profile google employees involved in development of Google Assistant.

Reasons for Layoffs

  • Google cites the need to reduce expenses and over hiring it had done during pandemic i.e to improve operational efficiency .This news comes after one year when Google’s had done its largest ever layoff announcement, affecting 12,000 employees.

Impacted Devices & Services Teams:*

  • Google is restructuring the Devices & Services teams which works on Pixel, Nest, and Fitbit hardware and similar category .From each distinct team for each division to organization model, streamlining various divisons like hardware , design, etc for Devices team

Focus on AR Practice

  • Though AR hardware team has been axed to a certain level Google affirms its commitment to AR initiatives and is commited to some existing products likeLens and Maps. It continues to ongoing product partnerships Android XR collaboration with its currently doing with Samsung to develop future centric headset.

Changing Industry Dynamics

  • The layoffs reflect broader challenges faced by Google and other internet players who have for long dependent on typical businsess model and revenue stream . With emergence of AI and fast adoption by rivals like Microsoft and OpenAI quick action have to be taken .Google executives acknowledge the need to make strategic cuts to focus on future centric priority areas and stay competitive.

Laid of Employee Support

  • Impacted Employees will have an open opportunity to apply for open roles within the company. With good Layoff package severance amount extra assurance in form of health benefits and career advisory service will be provided for a fixed period of time

End Result

The recent news of Google’s layofs is an indication of organised restructuring which also signifies the companies adaptation into evolving market dynamics and commitment to keep key products focus . This layoff impacts some particular divisions of Alphabet .Alphabet Vision is determined and to pursue advancements in Augmented reality with a emphasis on existing features and current partnership .Itstrying to navigate transitions from access hiring which happened in the pandemic era and now moving towards and active domain of Technology and Artificial intelligence

Google’s statement to 9to5 Google:

” A few hundred roles are being eliminated in DSPA with the majority of impacts on the 1P AR Hardware team. While we are making changes to our 1P AR hardware team, Google continues to be deeply committed to other AR initiatives, such as AR experiences in our products, and product partnerships “


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