Inmobi LaysOff 125 Staff in India


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InMobi one of India Best known unicorn, is undergoing a substantial transformation in terms of Technology in terms of technology and also organisation restructureing skill upgradation the company is now heavily using artificial intelligence first approach which has led to a layer of of approximately 125 employees which is 5% of their total work force of 200500 this strategic shoot and emphasis on AI is now gaming importance in entire tech industry and its similar in line with the layer which happened at Paytm few weeks earlier

Embracing AI in Business Operations

The decision to implement AI’s practice or AI first approach is a significant get step in realigning and revamping in the business operations and deployment of AI is expected to bring in radical changes in customer interaction ,customer Communications ,sales and post sales handling and over all business processes. This also indicates are radical shift in INMOBI recognition of newer Technology and aggresive addition of AI processes into its business operations

Radical Impact on Workforce

this focus of INMOBI towards artificial intelligence integration will in all likel hood lead to job loses of125 employees . This moves underscore the companies commitment towards staying ahead in customer experience and customer satisfaction through technology advancements. Adapting to change in market needs the evolving customer expectations has to be met with technology

AI-Driven Inclination and Tech Shift

Inmobi strategic decision to shift from a B2B only company approach to incorporating consumer facing products B2C underscores that depth of technology changes which have to be integrated into the system. As Generative AI continuous to evolve INMOBI recognises the need to adapt it products ,employee skill sets and go to market methods to meet the demands of both B2B and B2C customer segment

Job Cuts and Future

The implementation of this decision of layoff will reduce the workforce and it has long term impact . Its widely considered as the first round of Layoffs and more layoffs will later or sonner happen .Inmobi emphasizes the layoffs are performance based but experts have an opinion that Inmobi was late in adapting the AI capabilities in their customer service team and also in the sales team. The recent layoffs at Paytm is a similar example where company laid of employees in both customer support and the sales functions which was which thenreplaced by the AI tools .

Industry News

INMOBI decision to Layoff and leveraging the AI abilities in streamlining its sales and operations team has been Trend of 2024 . Paytm recently laid of employees saying AI implementation as key factor and focus on performance rather than just cost cutting .These two instances reflects the industry recognition of the transformative power of AI and its need to be integrated similarly in organisations for better customer support and sales functions


InMobi’s journey towards an AI-first approach and the on going job cuts in similar industry represent a strategic response to the rapidly evolving and newer technological landscape. Gone are days of call center and human chat support to meet your customer demands .As the company undergoes a comprehensive overhaul in technology, structural changes and ups-killing . The commitment to adapting to market needs and customer expectations will only help in better operational efficiency and showcases InMobi’s resilience and determination to thrive in the dynamic and competitive adtech industry.


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