10 Best Tech Stocks to Buy for 2024 NASDAQ

 Apple Inc. (AAPL) Upside : 9.8% CFRA  "buy" rating  $210 price target 

 Microsoft Corp CFRA has a "strong buy"  Target Price $420 

Nvidia Corp CFRA  "strong buy" rating From $450 to  $600 price target  Level

Broadcom CFRA has a "buy" rating for the stock and target price  $975  

 Adobe Inc CFRA has a "buy" rating from $612 to $620 price target for ADBE  

Salesforce CFRA has a "strong buy" with $260  Target 

 Accenture CFRA has  "strong buy" rating Target Price being $341  

Advanced Micro Devices CFRA has a "buy" rating target price $125

Cisco Systems CFRA gave "buy" rating with target price  $55 price  CSCO stock