Axcelis Technologies Stock Price Target 2024

Axcelis Technologies is a company which . Specializes  in mostly  ion implantation equipment which is required in  crucial chip fabrication Axcelis bucks industry trends.

Axcelis Technologies Revenue has grown by  25% YoY to $900.3 million in the first nine months of 2023 and Projected to reach $1.2 B by end of 2023

Axcelis Profitability surged to over 40% with EPS earning per share  $5.5 in the given period

Axcelis  Strong growth come from demand for the Purion line for the  electric vehicle manufacturers who focus on  efficient silicon carbide power devices. Purion's has increased efficiency,  improved  battery life plus faster charging

AXECLIS  has a very strong and substantial $1.2 billion order backlog for the year 2024 Plus more potential order in Pipeline

Axcelis stock trades at good bargain P/E ratio of 17.7 which is around 36% cheaper than the Nasdaq100, which gives an exciting opportunity to buyer   .