Layoffs in        2024

Layoffs in          2024

Layoffs in          2024

 2023 was one of the worst year in  Global employment across Tech Finance

More than 3,00,00 people lost job in Tech and Startups Globally and 2024 Start has not been Good 

 South Asia Ecommerce   Company LAZADA has  laid off 20% of Workforce on Jan 2 2024

Proptech Company FrontDesk Lays off entire 100% staff over 2 Min Google Call

Digital Media Company THE MESSENGER has laid of 30% of WorkForce 

 XEROX corp has announced layoff of around 15% of Workforce on Jan 3 

Spanish Telecom company Telephonica's laid off 350 Employee 

 Design Startup  InVision laysoff of entire staff and will shut down