META SHARE PRICE                 TARGET 2024.                                        

   META SHARE PRICE                 TARGET 2024.                                         

Meta Platforms OR FACEBOOK is King of Social Media and owns Facebook platform, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.   Monthly active user  3.96 billion and 9% Increase Year on Year

META STRENGHTS :  Global reach for  monetisation . Seamless Integration of AI  VR and the metaverse are long-term growth opportunities.

Weaknesses Extreme compatetion from Snapchat, TikTok and other platforms  Antitrust actions ,Apple strict Guidelines for Advertisement   Content Moderation Regulatory crackdowns

Meta Facebook is one of the “Magnificent 7,” very good  has a very   balance sheet and is on the Top List By ERIC FRY

Top 10 nalysts Covering Meta are projecting full-year adjusted earnings per share of $15.21 in 2024, which is good increase from from an EPS of $12.50 in 2023

Meta has a blowout quarter; all  metrics outperform Meta Platforms has mega margin expansion Meta Platforms and deep  into AI